Zoom Out

In this post there will be a picture, and everyone who comments should continue the story started. So be creative with your responses and we should make a really fun story.


” Cookie monster and Elmo held tightly to their potato sacks racing and hopping as fast as they could until……”

Photo by MONa la loca liscensed under Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 2.0 Generic (CC BY-NC-SA 2.0)

4 thoughts on “Zoom Out

  1. …Until a giant monkey running away from a police officer crossed their path, and the monkey threw a banana at Elmo’s head. Cookie monster started screaming…

  2. “Please don’t throw bananas at us! Do you have any cookies instead?”

    The monkey didn’t answer. He just kept running. But then the police officer accidentally tripped Elmo and Elmo fell down….

  3. Big Bird ran out of no where and said ” come on cookie”, and put a trail of cookies out for him at the finish line.

  4. until there were suddenly run over by a giant cookie that came rolling from behind.

    The cookie had been rolled by oscar the grouch to stop anyone from having fun.

    But even though they got knocked down, both elmo and cookie monster helped each other up and finished the race, much to oscar’s shagrin.

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